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gourd cat face

Every gourd is unique

There are many kinds of gourds. But the shape, thickness and surface texture of a gourd are also affected by the amount of water, sun, growing time, bug bites and scratches it receives.

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Fairy Gourd
Fairy Gourds

tuxedo cat gourd
Cat Gourds

goldfinch gourd

bunny gourd
Holiday Gourds

wreath gourds
Wreath Gourds

cat Matryoshka gourd
Matryoshka Gourds

Halloween black cat bowl
Gourd Bowls and Vases

Taking Care of Your Gourd

Making Gourd Birdhouses


Snow Angel Gourd Ornament How-to

Dragon Wings Tutorial

4th of July Birdhouse Gourd Tutorial

Taking Care of Your Gourd

Making Gourd Birdhouses

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