The Painted Gourd

Matryoshka Gourds

These gourds are inspired by Russian Matryoshka nesting dolls.

When I was young, during the Cold War, my family visited Montreal or Quebec City each fall.

Both cities had stores that imported Russian Crafts.

My friends and I loved playing with the dolls within dolls that I.d bring back to the United States.

Although these gourds do not open to reveal another gourd inside (unless you count the gourd seeds!), they do have the shape reminiscent of the wooden Matryoshka dolls.

orange cat matryoshka gourdcat matryoshka doll gourdmatryoshka cat gourd

Orange Tabby Cat Matryoshka Birdhouse

This birdhouse measures approximately 11" tall and 6" wide.

My camera flash made her blue dress appear lighter than it is in person.

White birds are painted on the front and back of her head scarf.

The birdhouse hangs on a length of suede lace.

The gourd has been finished with acrylic gloss varnish for indoor use.

If you plan to hang any of my gourds outdoors, you should first seal them with a varnish specifically formulated for outdoor use.


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