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Birds need to be very particular about where they will nest. Their homes need to be sheltered, yet still have good visibility to help them evade both winged and four-footed predators. We have grown hedges around our house to encourage nesting birds. But the best thing done for the birds is to preserve dead and decaying trees in our back yard. Gourds are beautiful, but trees make the best nests!

goldfinch gourd

Goldfinch Birdhouse

This birdhouse measures approximately 9" tall and 4-1/2" wide.

It hangs on a length of suede lace.

The gourd has been finished with acrylic gloss varnish for indoor use.

If you plan to hang any of my gourds outdoors, you should first seal them with a varnish specifically formulated for outdoor use.

red cardinal Christmas gourd birdhouse cardinal birdhouse Christmas gift cardinal pine wreath birdhouse

Red Cardinals on Pine Wreath Birdhouse

Cardinals (sometimes called "red birds") are one of the few birds that people consistently recognize. They live in our woods year round, but when you see one in an evergreen tree, you can't help but think of Christmas. When the forsythias bloom in the spring, our cardinals preen in the sunshine surrounded by brilliant yellow.

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