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Every gourd is unique.

There are many kinds of gourds. But the shape, thickness and surface texture of a gourd is also affected by the amount of water, sun, growing time, bug bites and scratches it receives.


Gourds are breakable.

A thin-shelled gourd may bounce back from the same fall

that shatters a thicker gourd.

If your gourd does break, piece it together again with strong glue such as

Aleene's Tacky Glue.

Wipe off the excess glue and keep the pieces together with blue painter.s tape

(which won't mar the gourd.s varnish) until dry.


Your new gourd is finished with glossy polyurethane varnish.

If you plan to hang it outdoors, you should seal the gourd with a varnish specifically formulated for outdoor use.


To replace the mono-filament hanger of a smaller gourd, thread the new hanger through a needle and push through the two holes at the top of the gourd.

To replace the suede lace hanger of a larger gourd, wrap the end of a long wire around the end of the new hanger and push through the two holes at the top of the gourd.